Top Ten Obsessions


01 Pendant | 02 Painting | 03 Flutes | 04 Rug | 05 Painting | 06 Scarf | 07 Pillow | 08 Bed | 09 Side Table | 10 Chair


Loving the green and copper combo of this Pendant, I'm waiting for the perfect project to combine these lights with blush accents, like this sexy painting by Zoe Pawlak. The icing on the cake would be pairing this rug in the space. Can't you imagine sipping on some rosé champagne (from these chic flutes) in a feminine glam room like this?   

I recently discovered Block Shop Textiles, have fallen in love with this scarf, and plan to display it as art in HOTELette Nashville. I've also discovered a few new artists lately - like Angela Simeone, who created this beautiful neutral piece. I'm a believer in neutrals - it's part of my design philosophy to create a solid neutral base with pops of color. That's why I love investment pieces like these pillows by L.A. textile designer Caroline Cecil, platform bed, side table and Italian leather dining chair. This dining chair comes in multiple colors and is one of my favorites of all time!

xx AC