Top Ten Obsessions: Palm Beach Babe

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Not too bright or cheesy, this palms wallpaper is sophisticated yet funky and will remain a classic for years to come.  I love seeing unexpected wallpaper in powder baths so guests can see your avant-garde taste. This gold garden stool is perfect for a bathroom to hold towels and, when you want to move it around, you can use it as a side table and place it outside because it’s cute AND functional.  Recently, I saw a palm accent piece in a design magazine and, of course, it was made in France and had a very hefty price tag.  This CB2 palm lamp is an excellent, budget friendly alternative to the Parisian masterpiece. I love black and white photographs in all spaces.  When in doubt and you need art, head over to Minted and get a framed black and white print with a white mat. The white mat is key as I’m a stickler for good framing. Will someone please get this hanging chair and put it on their front porch?  I love this bamboo chair and think it’s the perfect accent for a welcoming front porch especially with a small vibrant pillow for that pop of color. Pretty books and expensive candles are my weakness. This gold bookcase is essential for a good book collection and personal photos but make sure you don’t clutter it. For things you don’t want to display, this chest of drawers is perfect!  To carry on the old school Palm Beach vibe, this bamboo chair is fabulous as an accent chair or get a set for your dining room table. As you already know, I LOVE coffee table books and this Palm Beach book will take you away to the tropical, glamour haven so grab some Dom {or rosé Cava) and read away! 

ObsessionsAllison Crawford