Top Ten Obsessions: Lady Boss Tech

okay, there are 11, but each of These. are. lifesavers. I each of these apps (besides Insta) every single day. They make collaborating with my team and working on the go not only feasible, but so easy.

Podcasts + Audiobooks: I think I’ve said this before, but I prefer to listen to podcasts and audio books in the car and while I travel. My current favorite podcasts are Second Life, Fridays with FleaStyle and How I Built This. They keep me inspired and always thinking. Audiobooks are also inspiring me lately, I recently finished Shoe Dog, The life changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

venmo: Outside of Quickbooks, I use this for everything money related.  It’s the most efficient way to get paid and to pay people- employees and friends!

Burro: The best way to move furniture around and to/from vintage stores! They are always well-prepared, professional and super-friendly!

Google Keep: I’ve experimented with several apps to find the best way to organize my Things to Do. Google Keep is my favorite and it’s free.

Dropbox: dropbox allows team hotelette to have access to everything organized in one place, especially our thousands of photographs!

PlanolY: If you want complete control over your Instagram photos and feed, planoly is a must. it’s great for collaborating with team members on instagram, as well as planning posts for when you’re on vacation. I also love that you can see what your feed will look like ahead of time!

Takl: This is the greatest app for handymen ever.  I use Takl for all 3 HOTELettes, and it’s handy for household tasks like painting, cleaning, and general handy-tasks. a lifesaver for quick-fixes in dallas and nashville, where I can’t get in a moment’s notice.

Lightroom: The best photo editing app, though VSCO is a close second.  I’m still trying to learn how to navigate, but both apps make it easier to edit photos!

Google SUITe: I LOVE all Google products, and the suite is part of my daily work life. I truly use Google Docs and Sheets everyday, as it's how I organize the endless paperwork and collaborate with busy team members.

Instagram: because duh! but in all seriousness, i love connecting with and discovering other creatives. used correctly, i think instagram can be a really positive tool - it’s how i met makenzi of east seventy second and grow awareness about hotelette and allison crawford design!