Top Ten Obsessions: Tidying Up

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If you read my “Don’t bother me, I’m nesting” story, you know that I’m slightly {ok, majorly} obsessed with Marie Kondo’s books about clearing the clutter. On my quest to perfect everything she advocates, I’ve been researching other experts on living a simpler lifestyle. If you’re interested in exploring a more minimalist lifestyle, read this book and watch this documentary

In the documentary, the Brooklyn mother of 2 beautifully displayed this stackable Japanese porcelain dinnerware on her exposed shelving. but, Since I don’t have exposed shelving and my kitchen is small, the Swiss Mister and I are registering for these plate // bowl combos.  This way, we won’t have separate bowls and plates, which will help us cut down on dishes and clutter.  It’s a win win.  

I’ve also discovered that one of the keys to tidying up is to make sure that things have dual (or multiple) purposes, like this side table with light or glossier’s balm dot com (which can go on anything, lips, cuticles, eyebrows - or at least that’s where kenz puts hers hah!)

I haven’t mentioned it yet (No idea why!), but I’m beyond obsessed with my Dyson. BEYOND obsessed.  I don’t know what I did before it.  If you don’t have one, get one now.  I thought they were too expensive for a vacuum, so I delayed the purchase for about a year.  I’m telling you.  It’s a cleaning game changer.  Can’t recommend it enough plus the prices have gone down recently.