HOTELette Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s Gift Guide is so special to Team HOTELette, because we’re able to include pieces from the HOTELette Shop, a labor of love curated by the HOTELette team over the past year. We scouted all over the place (literally) and stocked art, textiles, ceramics and home goods that are either created/designed by women and/or supporting local communities. Of course, we also included some non-HOTELette goodies we are hoping to receive this year!!

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If you haven’t already, start dropping the hints. we certainly have. and not just because We’re feeling very rocker-chic this Christmas (rocker chic, with great lip care, obviously). please don’t talk to us when we have our shades on.

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we’re over that, “oh i don’t need anything, honey" bs!! this is your chance to gift him great basics (like this tee and pullover), update his worn-out essentials, and give him utilitarian objects that will benefit you, too. make him smell great, too. wait, are these actually gifts for you? oops. get him some dope speakers to make up for that. p.s. el arroyo’s book of signs should make him laugh.

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the dreaded host/hostess gift. to be honest, we usually buy one gift in bulk to reduce the stress. BUT, luckily for you, we gave you ten great options. your welcome.


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stocking stuffers can be hard - at least if you’re filling them with non-essentials (aka the batteries, toothpaste and q-tips that mom always gives, ty mom!!). but we think the stocking is an opportunity to make people smile and introduce them to new products we love!

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our favorite category - obviously. just make it out to the house, from santa…