Get the HOTELette Nashville Look

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I was in nashville last month to spruce up and photograph hotelette nashville, so i wanted to share some essentials from the space. i added some new pieces i'm obsessed with, like this turkish rug and striped rug - i'm on a mission to find new ones while i'm in marrakesh. i also added this kate moss x supreme print, which I framed in an ornate, vintage frame. The contrast is so cool. I love contrasting vintage and modern throughout a space - which i've coined as the vintage modern design style - so having these modern johnson chairs and thonet chairs is perfect. 

Of course, it's also important to me that hotelette nashville is super comfy, so this light pink mohair throw accomplishes that while also adding as pop of my favorite color: pink. In addition to comfort, Functionality is also essential to my design philosophy. but that doesn't mean style has to be sacrificed. That makes this sleek task lamp perfect, and a pair now reside on bedside tables. 

and, of course, i updated the selection of coffee table books, as I'm always doing. I can't help it, I horde them. And these Condé Nast and country music hair books couldn't be passed up.