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I love everything about the Thea chair in Dusty Blush… the name, the price, the lines, the color, everything. It would be perfect in a space with this pink Minted print and white curvaceous sofa.  Imagine all that while sipping on some Dom Rosé. Does life get any better?! Literally, everything in this Rad Right Now could go in one FABULOUS room or house if you wanted to spread out your love of pink. These West Elm curtains are stunners and fantastic for a sexy bedroom and burn this Limited Edition candle for the ultimate romantic experience. I heart poufs because they can go anywhere… an entry, at the foot of the bed, as a side table, the possibilities are endless. To complete the feminine look with a European twist, this photograph is dreamy and reminds me of Paris and this velvet pillow brings out the peachy tones. These hand towels are my favourite right now and they can be used in the kitchen and powder room.  Guests should always have a clean towel after washing their hands.  That’s a must!  

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