Top Ten Obsessions: The Burning Ladies Clubhouse

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In february, makenzi (of east seventy second) and i rented an office space in a quiet austin neighborhood. a one bedroom apartment with a fenced yard, the place is perfect for our dogs: pierre, hugo and wilson. we've named it the burning ladies clubhouse, after the group of badass austin-women i've assembled and named a la burning man, but all about women. when the office is finished, we'll host a burning ladies night. 

as a shared space, the office reflects our shared styles and values: modern vintage and woman (not girl!) power. so, naturally, the first addition to the office - even before desks - was a print from one of makenzi's favorite female artists, reagan corbett. She's a young fine artist out of houston, texas, and we're in love with her bold, feminine style. 

next, we bought an amazing pair of vintage italian leather and chrome barstools (similar here) from my favorite vintage store in austin, room service vintage. Both kenz and i have our instagram post notifications turned on for room service, because they post new inventory daily and it goes fast. luckily our office is close to their store, so we can sneak in and snag the best stuff! 

we eventually bought (and later assembled) these white rolling chairs, desks and file cabinets - which are perfect for kenz and me, because we love white. we also put my favorite chairs ever (these super versatile club chairs) on our back patio so we can work outside, or have friends over for happy hour after work. 

Finally, we've been accessorizing with - you guessed it - pink coffee table books (like this very pink keith haring book) and candles. kenz turned me on to maison louis marie no. 4, which smells faintly like santal no 33, but for those of us not on a baller budget. obviously, the burning ladies clubhouse was not complete without a pink polaroid and pink turkish hand towels, either! 


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