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After a week in europe (travel guide coming soon!), i'm settling back into my everyday routine and really appreciating the basics. Of course, i brought a lot of basics with on the trip (swiss mister allowed me only one bag). i think these outdoor voices leggings are perfect for long flights (and exercise, i guess). i also made sure to pack a travel size of my signature scent (and new hotelette scent), diptyque  no. 34, my favorite nars lipstickthe best tinted moisturizer, shades (though there wasn't much sun), and my favorite loafers ever (seriously, so comfy)! i carried most of this stuff around in my killer backpack (so yeah, i cheated and had two bags....) 

now that i'm back home, i'm getting back into the groove with this planner that the decorista recommended - It's great for goal setting, but also maintaining balance between work and self-care. though i love to travel - it's how i feel most inspired - i am glad to be back in austin surrounded by my favorite. lamp. ever. (seriously, it's in all the hotelette properties and my house) and must-have french press. no one makes coffee like i make coffee!