The Tech I Can't Live Without



Between balancing two companies (and life-at-large), staying organized can get tricky. To collaborate with my team on on-going projects, I use Google Docs. This way, we can one another's additions, edits and suggestions in real-time. No conference calls necessary. 

On-the-go, I'm using Evernote to keep track of my running to-do list, as well as ideas and goals. I'm always sending emails to clients and team members, and putting these bullet points and ideas into Evernote ensures I keep track of everything I want to do. 

Speaking of everything I want to do, I want to share on Instagram consistently, so I'm working with Planoly to plan my Instagram ahead of time, because I should definitely be working on my expenses with Quickbooks. 

Overall, I love Audiobooks, because it means I can do all of these things while learning. It helps me get the most of my time - especially while driving. Next up on my audiobooks list? RestWhy You Get More Done When You Work Less. 

Boss Babemakenzi hogan