Top Pieces of Advice



Hire an accountant, draw up contracts, set up an invoicing service. it's not bitchy to protect yourself legally. it's not  overly ambitious to hire a professional to manage your books. it's not impersonal to efficiently bill your clients. your business will only be as serious as you take it. and, the people you interact with through business will follow your lead and therefore treat your business as seriously as you do. 



the fact of the matter is that what differentiates you from your competition is you. So be personal. add your personal touches to everything. this means handwriting notes to vendors, potential clients and press. this means creating a logo that reflects you and your vision for your business. 



competition is a real thing. and it can be stressful - even intimidating - to think about all the other talented people out there doing things similar to you. but the only way the industry will grow, that women will achieve more, that your business will grow is that community of other talented people out there. they will teach you and connect you. 



everything - in almost every industry - is changing almost daily, making it imperative that you continue to learn about your industry even as you work in it. but it is also important to learn about things outside of your industry, to read (or listen to audio books), to ask questions, and to challenge what you think to know to be true. it will take you to the next level professionally and personally. 



be prepared to grind every. single. day. you will do things you hate. You will do things that make you feel uninspired. do them anyway. doing things you don't like is a reality of life. but another reality of life is that in doing things you don't like, you will eventually get to doing the stuff you do like to do. and when you're tired or feeling burnt out, do just one more thing before taking a break or turning in for the night. 


Boss Babemakenzi hogan