HOTELette Hot List: Logan Wannamaker


We stumbled into Logan Wannamaker’s small store in a tiny town outside Taos, called Arroyo Seco. After walking in, I was overwhelmed with the desire to throw out all my Crate and Barrel wares and replace them with his beautifully unique pieces. The colors and interesting shapes were breathtaking.

Wannamaker, who credits his environment (the deserts of New Mexico) as inspiration, uses a variety of firing techniques including a salt fire, and beautiful smokey micaceous clay for cookware. 

Since wandering around his storefront and workshop, I’ve been dreaming of cooking homemade bread and colorful salads to arrange on this dishware. It really changed my perspective on cooking and plating food. I got lost in an imaginary kitchen that has as much care and flow as this Wannamaker’s pottery.