Ten Days, Four Countries and One 15lb Carryon


The Swiss Mister and I travelled through Europe with stops in his hometown of Geneva, then Berlin, Krakow, and London.  It was a quick 10-day adventure and, since we travelled exclusively on planes and public transportation, I decided to only pack a over the shoulder duffle and tiny crossover purse. I’m usually an over packer and shopping enthusiast, but the decision to carry a 15-pound bag turned out to be the best decision ever! Since I was travelling with my boyfriend and not a gal pal, I knew that shopping wouldn’t be the first priority so, if I was to make any purchases, it had to be jewelry instead of my usual textile and art purchases. I should also note that booking hotels is my strength and Swiss Mister is the public transit guru.  If I didn’t have him, I’d be lost. Seriously, lost and probably in an Uber.


The journey started on the new Norwegian Airlines non-stop flight from Austin to London.  If you haven’t taken that flight, it’s amazing. I went into the experience with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised.  Norwegian only provides meals as a pre-flight option, but they have a “snack bar” on the TV on the back of every seat. In between watching shows and movies, you can order snacks and beverages if you choose. You even have to order and pay for water.  Nothing is free-which turns out to be a genius idea. Why you ask? Well, very few people have to use the restroom and there aren’t carts going back and forth down the aisles the whole flight. People are still and quiet instead of constant movement and noise.  I prefer this flight over the British Airways flight any day TBH. Enough about Norwegian Airlines. Let’s get back to the European holiday.



The Swiss Mister is from Switzerland.  Obviously. So, our first stop was Geneva and, since we were there for New Years, I knew what to expect and have my favorite place to go (aka eat). Fondue and Steak Frites are top of my list. After 2 nights in Geneva, we headed to Berlin for 44 hours (see Berlin for 44 hours) and it was unbelievable.  I LOVED everything about Berlin except the Currywurst - because it’s the worst. You could try it - or just trust me when I tell you that it’s a fried hot dogs with strange BBQ-esque sauce and curry powder on top - save the calories for beer!  Not my favorite cuisine so we opted for Italian and Ramen. If you’re


After 2 nights at the chic Soho House , we boarded a short flight for Krakow.  This was my first time to Poland and, again, I went into the adventure with zero expectations.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that trips are better if you have no expectations. In fact, this applies to a lot of life situations. Deep thoughts.