Top Ten Obsessions: Father's Day

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Fathers day has a bad habit of creeping up on me (sorry dad!), so i'm always keeping a running list of presents for the fathers in my life. i'm really into menswear and masculine scents (like this Cire Trudon Candle) right now, so it was almost like shopping for myself. almost. 

first up on the list is something i'm personally obsessed with: Soda Streams. it's chic as hell, earth-friendly and great for getting your dad to switch to lower-sugar drink options and/or drinking more water. Speaking of water, i love this beachy, linen Uniqlo shirt. It's the best option for these unbearably hot texas summers. 

luckily, the swiss mister and i are planning a trip to iceland to escape the hottest part of summer, and we'll be packing a Tecovas overnight bag and Away Carry-on roller suitcase, which are both perfect for travel. p.s. away luggage has built-in chargers for your electronics.

while on the subject of travel-related gifts, I always buy travel-size versions - Jo Malone Cologne and L'Occitane Shower Gel are my favorites for men right now - so that they can take them on trips. the swiss mister approves of this strategy, just as he approves of these Church bootsAdidas Slides, and watch