Top Ten Obsessions: August Essentials

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Does anyone else want to take another opportunity to talk about how ungodly hot it is? It feels like a blessing for it to be under 95 right now. Almost (almost!!) cool enough to hop on the cutest bike ever, with matching pink sunglasses, too. 

For now (since it's too hot, as we've already established), I'm dreaming of a chic backyard moment, complete with a great grill, this marbleized drink dispenser (for rum punch to be poured in these cute glasses), and this hanging rattan chair. On that note, all the houses in my neighborhood are being painted, so I'm excited to work on re-designing our outdoor space (at some point, at least, ha!). In my mind, it's inspired by the way this candle smells

I think a Yeti is a must-have for summer. Usually it's a great gift for guys, but since the Swiss Mister is more bare-bones, I think I can get away with getting it in pink! Perfect to chill rosรฉ

But the most important takeaway you MUST takeaway from here, is wear sunscreen. In this sun, it's the only essential you need.