tropical minimalism

I guess I've taken Alyssa Rosenheck's motto "greenery is the new floral" concept to a whole new level by designing my wedding around "Tropical Minimalism,"  which - by the way - is something I totally made up. the vibe came to me as a way to bridge my love of the eclectic and the palm Beach setting, all while maintaining a laid-back, low-key vibe.

The palm beach wedding will be small - only handful of our closest friends and family - and I want that intimate feeling to extend throughout the entire design of the ceremony and post-ceremony gathering. i want it to feel like we cut greenery and flowers cut from my mother's garden and placed them in vases we found in her house (i.e. mismatched). think lots of simple clear vases housing monstera, palm and banana leaves.

So, to me, "tropical minimalism" is a way to strip away the formality of palm beach (or just the general formal vibes of weddings) and bring a little WHIMSICAL (but not boho) feeling. plus, i think it puts the emphasis on the meaning of the event, rather than the event itself! 


Allison Crawford