I Didn't Say Yes to a Dress

I'm here to report that wedding dress shopping is underwhelming.  It’s nothing like “Say Yes to the Dress.” And after trying on a few dresses, I wanted nothing more than to be shopping at a local vintage shop or Anine Bing (or both) for anything but a wedding dress. 

I think it's because I’m not a 25 year old Princess Bride, but I'm also shopping for my first (AND LAST) wedding, making finding a happy medium difficult. I don’t look good in (or even like!) white lace, big ball shirts, or fake jewels, so that ruled out about 90% of the dresses. I also don't want to fall into the super-boho category or spend $5000+ on a dress I'd wear once, so that left me what felt like 2% of the current options. 

A favorite find was sold out everywhere, and my other favorite didn't come in white. So, I decided to design my own dress and have a local seamstress create it for me. I'm still wondering why it's not a pantsuit, but it feels totally "me." I picked everything from the fabric to the color to the neckline to the length of the skirt. 10/10 would recommend.