Top Ten Obsessions: Cheeky + Fun

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We're cheeky and fun!! And here's the wallpaper to prove it.

This wallpaper got us really inspired - fantasizing about redecorating Allison's house with sumptuous leather sofas and minimalistic, modern accessories, like this side table and planter by  Unfortunately, Allison's #SwissMister veto'd the wallpaper really hard. Boo. 

While we were fantasizing, though, we found the coolest velvet sofa (at the coolest price), that we would love to pair with this Tony Curry "Hermes Orange" painting and these amazing candle sticks. Allison discovered them at Maison Objet in Paris and has been obsessed ever since! Just pair with a little foliage (fake of course) and the boy smells June candle (which is famed austin restaurant, June's All Day's signature scent) and you're the cheekiest and most fun person ever! Ha! 



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