Top Ten Obsessions: Best Gifts Under $50

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I've turned into my mother, in that I'm constantly shopping for presents. It's the secret to gifting well. Buying gifts year-round - be it for birthdays or Christmas - also makes the process more fun, because then I'm not stressing about what to get Swiss Mister on December 24th or scrambling to buy Intern of the Year, Whitney, a birthday present (on the day of her birthday). 

Since Alfred's arrived in Austin at the newly opened Line Hotel, I've been dying to check out how they transformed the old Radisson downtown. While I'm there, I'll pick up a couple of these coffee mugs for my coffee/graphic design lovers. And for my tea lovers, I make sure to keep a few of these sachet tea wheels around for gifts.  

I'm always really into giving people scents - from candles that smell like Le Labo Santal 33 (but have a wayyyy lower price tag) to incense (and the best incense burner) to their favorite scent (mine is Wood Sage + Sea Salt by Jo Malone, FYI). So I make sure to keep a list of people's favorite candles or perfumes, so I can surprise them with a really personal gift (the Notes App is a lifesaver here, because I can barely remember what my favorite scent is). For the friends who don't have a favorite scent (or don't like scents but like chic packaging), I love the Glossier Phase I Set. There's no better gift than good skin, right? Right! 

But I don't always wait till a big day to gift the people in my life, and I love sending little surprises. Tiff Treats is the best for this (but not best for my #BrideBod). Their warm cookies are to DIE for! Greetabl, a service I recently discovered, is also great for a personalized "hey/hi/hello" or "HBD." I like it way better than trying to find a card that fits the relationship's personality. 

And, of course, I love getting people chic thank-you notes, so they can properly thank me for my great gift! HA! Just kidding!