Bride at a Bar


The Swiss Mister and I are getting married in a small ceremony in Palm Beach over Christmas, but we want to celebrate with all our friends in Austin. This is a tricky situation because we didn’t want to plan another catered, full bar party. OK, let’s be honest.  I didn’t want to plan another wedding.

Since I have a strong artistic vision of our winter wedding, I organized everything and couldn’t imagine delegating (or paying) someone else to plan it for me. Side note: I’m a little controlling, borderline OCD about style things like that. Side, side note: I planned the actual wedding in about 12 hours and my goal is that it’s a reflection of our loving union, not just about a good party.

Now, I digress. Let’s get back to the Bride at a Bar because our Texas party will be at an Austin bar and I need a killer outfit. So these are my ideas for a chic yet edgy look. Pretty sure my Mother owned this zimmerman champagne dress back in the 70s but it was probably in lime green or butter yellow. I fear it looks better on the model than on my curvy self. So, let’s skip to option 2. While trying on a 1930s vintage wedding gown at Garment, I stumbled upon a double breasted 1990s Escada suit. It still needs some serious alterations but will be worth every penny. I bought the cream suit for a work photoshoot but now I’m considering it for our Bride at a Bar party. 

After watching the Lady Gaga documentary recently, I’ve been obsessing over her strong hat game especially while cruising around in rad old cars. Think Gaga in that fab pink hat on the cover of Joanne. Now add these really affordable ivory lace boots to a hat and pants suit. Game over, right?  No. I still have no idea what I’m going to wear.  Do I want to wear a pantsuit or something more feminine like a 90s Jessica McClintock dress?  Do you remember Gunne Sax?  I was not a girly girl growing up but, if my Mom forced me to dress up, I was wearing a Gunne Sax.  Fast forward to 2018, Jessica McClintock’s Gunne Sax are back in a major way. Should I go down an eBay rabbit hole to find one?  Also on the feminine note, everyone is digging bow blouses this season. An off white bow-neck blouse with black cigarette pants and these Marion Parke strappy black pumps would be the perfect outfit for a Bride at a Bar. As icing on the cake (not literally), a blusher would be super chic or maybe some “something blue” sparkles. So let’s take a poll, do you love the idea of a petite blusher or a Gaga style hat?

but end of story… I still have NO idea what to wear. Please help.