Design School: Granny Chic


When I grow up, I want to be a *chic* granny. Nevermind that I don’t have kids to have kids to make me a grandma, I’m already planning my granny pad, and let me tell you, my future grandkids are going to want to be there all the time - and not because of the cookies I’ll most likely make for them.

If anything communicates the kind of granny I want to be, it’s this photograph. When did we stop smoking while exercising - and why? Jk. It’d look great hanging over this needlepoint bench, which I’ll lie and tell all my guests that I needlepointed myself. Everyone will believe me that I needlepointed it myself, or at least they’ll say they do, as they sink comfortably into this dope floral chair and cover themselves with the coolest quilt ever. A quilt is a necessity in any granny’s house, right? Right.

Knick-knacks are also necessities, and I plan on accumulating quite a few - like this Hermes tray and Jonathan Adler lip vase. Hopefully my grandkids will bring me flowers to put in said vase… I’ll probably have learned to keep plants alive by the time I have grandkids - you know, after practicing keeping my own kids alive - So I’ll have plenty of these pothos hanging around. *Jungalow-Chic-Granny*

And, of course, I’ll have plenty of games, records and books to pass the time - maybe I’ll finally read all my coffee table books or learn how to play backgammon. But I’ll definitely only let my younger grandkids play go-fish with gold cards.