Top Ten Obsessions From Whitney Woodard

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whitney, here! I’m the owner and creative director behind beaded by w, gold dust vinyls, as well as hotelette’s head of e-commerce. as a native austinite (there are so few of us!) craftsmanship and vintage (and boots!) run in my blood - so naturally both are my day-to-day top obsessions. Recently, I’ve launched gold dust vinyls, which combines my love of listening to vinyl with art. you can shop online (or catch me at the soco market). i’ve also been working on a new collection of jewelry, which I can’t wait to share - big changes on our horizon.

when i’m not making jewelry or vinyl and working on the hotelette shop, i’m vintage shopping. allison has gotten me way into vintage furniture shopping, and room service vintage is my current favorite. I swear, makenzi, allison and I are always FIGHTING over the same pieces (though none of us need any furniture).

i’m also planning my next trip to marfa - aka my favorite place on earth.