A Day in the Life of... Taylor Madison

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Meet our #SolSister - and yes, we spelled that right; and yes, she’s having a slew of those brilliant iterations of “soul” trademarked - Taylor Madison. After successfully launching a luxury boutique travel agency from a [beautiful] blog, Taylor launched Sol Society, a members-only, experiential travel club. As both friends and members, we can personally attest to the emotion-evoking quality of the trips - Allison travelled to Big Sur last November and half of Team HOTELette caravanned to Marfa in April. In short, her curated adventures combine the magic of exploring with the magnetism of community - with a heavy dose of editorial-quality photography and videography.

Read on to spend a day in the life of our charming, inspiring #SolSister, Taylor Madison… P.S. follow The Simple Sol and Sol Society on Instagram for major wanderlust vibes!

Where were you born? Just outside of Dallas, in a small town called Colleyville. Fun fact, I went to high school with Post Malone and Demi Lovato!

Where are you currently calling home? In Dallas’ Bishop Arts District - just a short walk from HOTELette Dallas!

Where and what did you study in college? I wenT to Ole Miss and studied Business with an emphasis in Finance.

What’s your official job title? Founder + Creative Director of The Simple Sol and Sol Society.

Tell us about The Simple Sol and Sol Society… The Simple Sol began as a place to share my travel inspiration with others. Over the last few years, it’s expanded to become a boutique luxury travel brand. We plan amazing trips to all parts of the world for our clients, taking care of them at every step of their journey. But, The Simple Sol isn’t just a brand, a travel company, a networking group or a blog; it’s the belief that life should always be inspiring.

And Sol Society is a private society of trendsetters, artists and change markers formed through curated travel experiences. With a strong focus on food, fashion, art and design, we create an intimate atmosphere that fosters a genuine and intentional kind of networking that long outlives any given destination.

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What is your favorite part of your job? Connecting people and creating experiences that help us better connect to ourselves and those around us.

Take us through your day… I usually wake up around 7:30 or 8:00, though I wish I could wake up earlier. I typically don’t sleep enough while I’m traveling, so I try to get a full 8+ hours of sleep when I’m home. I’m so much more productive with a good night’s rest!

7:30 - First thing I do when I wake up is make green juice, which has done wonders for my skin!

8:00 - Sit down for a quick 15 minute meditation.

8:30 - Take my dog to the park for a short walk, then head out for a 30 minute run.

9:30 - I’m typically in the office by this time, and start my time at work with intention setting for the day.

10:00 - My team members start showing up!

12:00 - Out of the office for a meetup with friends or colleagues - personal connection always gives me energy!

1:30 - Back at the computer - lots of trips and event planning to do!

5:00 - Afternoon meetings; collaborations on how to execute all the creative ideas I have… It takes a village!

7:00 - Dinner with friends!

What do you do to relax? I like to spend time at home with my dog Jax or garden, cook and curl up on the couch with a good book!

What do you do to get inspired? Travel! It’s not only the destination that will inspire me, but it’s the mere act of getting out of my daily routine to gain a bird’s eye perspective on life. It always allows me to come home inspired and refreshed!

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Who are some of your creative or entrepreneurial inspirations? Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow are major sources of inspo for me right now! The current soundtrack to my life is Super Soul Sunday and the Goop Podcast!

What’s your best advice for entrepreneurs? Intention is everything. Have a ten year plan. Also, my friend Patricio (of Twelve Thirty Four Flowers) tells me, “If you’re not growing, you’re dead.” But, ultimately, I remind myself that success doesn’t come overnight. Remember: it’s an ebb and flow. Take your cue from nature… trees need to be rooted and grounded and years to grow. Be grounded in all that you do.