Top Ten Obsessions: For the Random Relatives

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Shopping for those random relatives you only see once a year is tough. but this fun "who am i" game helped me cross off several people off my list. so has little posey, a succulent subscription service with the cutest succulent arrangements.  it's a perfect gift if you're traveling home and don't want to fill your suitcase with gifts instead of clothes! 

Glassware is always a great gift, too. and I'm really loving these copper, stemless wine glasses and water pitcher. a soma is totally chic upgrade from the brita. I want to put one in all of the Hotelette kitchens! same goes for this hilarious cookbook, Thug kitchen

i'd also love to stock hotelette with these amazing candles and cool candle wick clippers, but considering the fire hazerd, i'll just stick to letting my aunts, uncles and cousins enjoy the teakwood and tobacco aromas. The scent is so cozy - like this plaid throw. i imagine it in a super masculine bachelor pad with these retro speakers

But when i'm at a total loss for what to get my most random relative, i always fall back on a good ole carry-on cocktail kit. It's the holidays, who doesn't need one! 


Allison Crawford