Mexico City's Top 3


Dining here feels like being in a someone’s grand living room. It's eclectic, trendy, charming and mixes exposed brick with  intricate molding seamlessly. They offer upscale traditional interior dishes and serve food late into the night.


A charming rooftop B&B with minimalist concrete rooms and a stunning view of downtown Mexico City. You can tuck away in a corner for a morning cup of coffee or buy a rotating selection of craft beers to sip on the rooftop patio complete with greenhouse.


A gastropub, cocktail lounge, and dance club all-in-one. The crowd is posh and upscale, but down to party. The sparkling white walls and tentative cocktail servers make this place feel like a page out of The Great Gatsby, Mexico City style.




if you're still looking for hotels, try one of my favorites, Condesa df!


Travel GuideAllison Crawford